Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ergonomics (Product description and Idea Trigger)

This is the picture of the brush which is extended
This is the picture of the brush which is not extended
This picture shows that the brush can be hooked using the hole at the top

The clean brush is shaped like a small broom, it is green in colour. It is long and smooth too. It could be extended in order to reach further. It is designed for cleaning places which are very crammed or tiny. It is suitable for cleaning window the window frame trench and other small and tiny places. There is a digger like tool which allows us to dig up the dirt or dusts which is hidden underneath. They thought that it would be easier if we can hook the brush up and if it could be extended. The elderly would not face any difficulties using it. When we extend the brush, it is very flimsy, thus it is difficult to use the brush when it is extended.

My Sketch:
(Click to enlarge)
The brush would look the same as the original product when it is not extended